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Just making money is no longer good enough

We believe that an investment company is not only about profit, but doing good. In our real estate projects, we have chosen to focus on three areas: environmental construction, affordable living, and housing accessibility.

1) Impact investing

In partnership with Grid Edge Estates (UK), we are implementing the principles of Impact Investing.\\n\\nOur Mission here is to eradicate fuel poverty for the next generation of homeowners and occupiers alike and to revolutionize construction industry investments by optimizing quality and prioritizing sustainability to build developments with the future in mind, today. We make ethical investments by using renewable energy sources wherever possible and always aim to make a positive socio-economic impact by creating communities for social wellbeing.

2) Affordable housing

According to The Guardian (2018), too many of the new houses being built in Britain are unaffordable or badly constructed, which is also fair for many other highly developed countries.\\n\\nTogether with our local partners primarily in UK and Sweden, we cooperate with local councils and institutions to improve construction standards while keeping the fair cost levels.

3) Housing accessibility

Cooperation with local authorities and our modern construction methods allows us to build high-quality housing at lower costs. This also allows us to provide people with below average income, students and young families with new, modern and energy efficient housing.