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Innovative technologies that will turn your real estate business upside down
Thanks to new technologies, the real estate market is becoming more competitive every day. The way we do most of the business is on an international scale, the experiences of users are becoming increasingly compelling and the classic figure of man with a tie is now a memory.
Top 8 tips for building long-term relationship with real estate agents
We have sourced and purchased over £30 million worth of properties in the UK. 70% of the deals were made through estate agents and local auction agents. That is why it is extremely important to build a long-term relationship with them. It requires plenty of time, but once the relationship is established, they quite literally do all the work for you.
“You are so lucky to have found an excellent HMO power team! How do you turn a property around in 4 weeks?!”
There is no luck involved. We have followed a strategy which we have implemented at Inspired Equity, in finding the perfect investment area, interviewing and testing a now trusted HMO agent and power team.
Buying and selling property with bitcoin
A key driver to the “steady but subdued” 2018 UK forecast by RICS and Halifax remains a lack of housing stock from less pre-existing homes being offered onto the market and a lack of new builds.